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Where r campsites 4 tents etc

"Campside By The Beach" is across Highway 50. Walking distance to Regan beach.

Who is this park named after

Thomas regan! Hahahaha! Enjoy its a beautiful place!!

is the entrance to the beach free?

No . Just a launch fee if you launch a boat. Make sure all watercraft has been inspected for invasive species.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, ...on a leash

Are you able to fish on the shore if you have your fishing license

No...only because there are very few fish near the wouod not be worth your time.

How much does it cost to camp at campsite by the beach.

Nevada Beach and Camp Richardson have camping on the beach. There's also camping across the Hwy from the beach in the center of town by the Commons Beach. I believe it's around 35-40 per night. Call for exact prices.

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